Star Wars Gunship Nose Art

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(.General Kenobi.) I'm starting to run out of canvases.I should probably get some more before my city gets quarantined completely. Anyways, here's a short lil oneshot I thought up this weekend. As always, have a great day!:)Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano were just passing by the hanger on the Resolute to check on their men, the whole hanger was crawling with clones, most of which were working on nose art on the sides of gunships. The sounds of spray paint filled the room, and Ahsoka scrunched her nose at the smell. It didn't bother anyone else that much, but being a Togruta she had heightened senses.They approached Captain Rex, who was in the middle of a painting himself, on the side of a newly issued Republic gunship.

Concept art of Quinlan Vos battling Cad Bane's flamethrower Concept design for Mama the Hutt's house exterior Concept art of the Jedi Ambassador shuttle landing on Nal Hutta.

Anakin tilted his head at it. There was always something surreal about anything new, unscratched and untouched, like 'shinies', or so clones called them. Unaffected by the war.Ahsoka spoke, shaking him out of his thoughts. 'Nice touch.' She gestured at the scar on the clone helmet he had added, as well as her Togrutan markings.' Thanks, Commander.'

On the sides of the clone helmet, he had already painted Anakin, and he was working on Ahsoka. Anakin stared his face.' My nose isn't that big.' He glared at the clone, and his padawan suppressed laughter.'

I'm just trying to be accurate, sir.' Ahsoka couldn't hold it in anymore and she burst out laughing, his cheeks flared red. Rex was smirking to himself but he quickly turned back to what he was doing, working on Ahsoka's stripes.' Hey, I have an idea,' He said suddenly. 'You two should help me paint!'

Both of them went silent, and Anakin cocked a brow under his bangs. It'd be great for us to get some Jedi art on these things.'

When they didn't look convinced he shot them a cheesy grin. 'It'll boost the team morale.' 'I-'We'll probably just make a mess. It'll look like osik.' Ahsoka nodded vigorously. 'What he said.'

Some other clones who had been eavesdropping on their conversation joined in, chanting at them to join in their pre-battle tradition.The pair looked at each other and shrugged.' Anakin sighed in defeat, getting a huge cheer and applause. Ahsoka joined him.' Where do I start?'

He asked, walking around the ship and trying to find a suitable spot to begin.' Wherever you want, General.' Anakin peeked out from the side of the gunship, staring at his padawan. She was already beginning to paint, stretching to reach what she was doing. He got an idea.Ahsoka looked back at her work and smiled. It was a little sloppy, but she kinda liked that about it.

She called.The clone walked to her side. That's.uh.that's amazing, Commander,'She had painted an akul, which looked nearly like a wolf, with large broad shoulders, but small ears.

It's furry mane was bloody and mouth dripped with crimson blood, missing several teeth. It's yellow eyes were rolling towards the back of it's head, and it's chest was punctured with what appeared to be a spear.' Woah, Snips, uh' Anakin came up behind her, staring wide eyed at the painting. 'A little, gory, isn't it?' She just pointed at the akul teeth lining her lekku, grinning proudly.' Togruta are scary,' Rex mumbled under his breath.'

Trying to change the conversation before she took his teeth, he began showing them his finished product. Ahsoka was admiring her portrait, but Anakin's eyes were permanently fixed on her terrifying one.After a moment Ahsoka turned to him. 'Let's see yours, Master.' She reached out, wiping paint off his cheek.' Right this way, lady and gentleman.' He walked them over to the other side of the ship.'

Rex and Ahsoka said at the same time when they saw his painting. It was a mess of colors, most of the painting was an odd brownish red, but there was stripes of blue and white and yellow, and green.and purpleAhsoka opened her mouth to say something, but stopped.

Is that.a head? Fur, yeah, maybe fur.' It's a lovely bantha.Master?' He was glaring at her.

'It's not a bantha.' 'Yeah, sir, it's obviously General Kenobi.' Rex chipped in.She pretended to squint at it. 'Yeah, yeah I see it! Silly me-'It's not Obi-Wan!'


She pursed her lips, staring at the mess of blue and white, maybe that was lekku, maybe the red ish brown was just a horrid attempt at her skin tone. It's great I-'He groaned.' No,' Maybe red is in the color of Shaak Ti? She couldn't figure why he'd paint her, but it was worth a shot.

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Rex started to try again, but Anakin cut him off.' It's supposed to be a pod, you guys!' 'Like a pod racer! It-it's obvious!' He started to point things out. 'Here' He pointed to the giant blob of reddish brown, 'that's the canyon on Tatooine you have to navigate through, here.'

He pointed at the white and blue stripes, 'is the actual pod, and.' The rest of the nonsense scribbles, 'is the rest of the racer. How can't you guys see it?' Ahsoka could tell he was upset, and rubbed his back. Yeah I can see it!' 'It looks outstanding, Skyguy.'