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Modern Siren by Rori Raye
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  • I have had on/off relationships or friends-with-benefits relationships, which I thought they were real, profound relationships
  • After my last painful relationship, I decided to take a break and find answers
  • When I found Rori Raye's blog, I knew I found what I was searching for
  • How can someone help you experience succes and make you have the relationship you always wanted
  • After countless hours of research, I had found my answer and I know now that it is up to me to become a modern siren and have the best relationship ever

    • Like any other women, I have watched relationships fall apart. I was always wondering what was wrong, why it didn’t work out and I continued like this, blamming myself or the other person, being hurt and suffering. I have had on/off relationships or friends-with-benefits relationships, which I thought they were real, profound relationships. But I couldn’t understand how can someone play so well the boyfriend role and not even thinking of commiting all that time. After my last painful relationship, I decided to take a break and find answers.

      I did lots of research online and offline, buying books, reading blogs, forums, everything I could find about relationship. When I found Rori Raye’s blog, I knew I found what I was searching for. Rori Raye is a trained relationship coach, and she said she helped women obtain success in their love lives through her eBooks, programs and newsletter. At first I was skeptical.

      How can someone help you experience succes and make you have the relationship you always

      wanted? Relationships are different, people are different, circumstances are also different. What works for someone, it could not work for me. But as I was on my way to find out what went wrong in my previous relationship and how to avoid making the same mistakes, I bought Modern Siren. I was intrigued by the title.

      We all know the legend of sirens. Sirens were magical creatures, half-women, half-fish, who used to allure sailors with their singing, causing their destruction and death, by crushing their boats. So Rori’s theory was: you too can become a siren, a modern siren, alluring men and making them fall in love. Vcenter operations manager keygen for mac download. What did I learn from this book?

      First of all, you don’t have to be the prettiest, the smartest to make men fall in love, being attractive is much more than that.

      Mesmerizing a man, making him fall in love, keeping him devoted can be possible for any woman out there, because we have this power within. But we forgot how to use ..

    • it. Modern times changed a lot women and relationships, we follow rules who can be helpful in our careers, but not in our relationships. Men and women are not equal, they complete each other and losing our feminity was the worst thing that happened to us.

      So Rori’s secret is simple: to rediscover how to use our feminity, our modern siren within and make men not only fall in love but also to commit. She speaks about emotionally connection and explains how to use words, gestures, body language in order to create a unique connection that he never felt before with other women. But the most important lesson is how to regain power over men and confidence. So the power of the modern siren is feminity and confidence.

      Men are not attracted only by beauty, but most of the time, by that self-confidence that inspire him to love her, cherrish her, treat her like a queen. I understood that being a modern siren means seeing yourself as a

      prize, as something he wil fight to have. I used to see men as the big prize and fight for their love. But the fact is that men and women didn’t change.

      We have to get in touch with our feminity in order to have a successful relationship. This book opened my eyes and showed me the power within every women that can bring a man to a level of connection and love he had never experienced before. You will become a unique woman. Rori has “siren tools that work on a very deep level, so that he’ll FEEL the change in your vibe.

      ” Men will become mesmerised by your confidence and feminity and it will make them feel attracted and open up emotionally, being more closer than ever. He’ll treat you as a queen and your relationship will evolve naturally. After countless hours of research, I had found my answer and I know now that it is up to me to become a modern siren and have the best relationship ever.

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Debunker says :

Ok, back when i had a horrible break up with my then fiance 3 years ago, i googled all sorts of self help topics about getting over a break up and most of all finding a great man for a life long relationship. Well i came across all sorts of information. I’ve read the free posts, free advise and free videos of this chick, Rori Raye. I almost bought her materials but deep inside i knew the truth had to be simpler than she portrayed it to be. Her materials and blog followers are so full of dog gone drama it is unreal after reading their posts i would end up thinking “dudette, i am a woman and can relate to your pain but for crying out loud stop whining already and get a life ”
Well i am glad i held up on buying Rori’s materials. I recently came across a wonderful author who wrote a book most online scams use to base their so called “programs” on.

HERE’S THE SCOOP LADIES, I’ve been married for 2 years now and it is going strong. I must give credit to a book i had heard of many times before yet had never read until recently. MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. Yes, it is written by a male, but by golly thanks to this book i was able to find a wonderful man and have a DRAMA SIREN FREE relationship. It is straight forward, for those of us who want the details without the useless embelishments. This book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus has been around for a long time yet the information is timeless, clear and direct. No friggin projection or shady manic-depressive exercise junk.

As crazy as it sounds being a woman i am a dramaphobic and want the information given straight to me, something that Rori Raye does not accomplish for me. Her materials actually caused me to feel hopeless because she strings you along so far away from the dog gone simple principles you get lost. She lost me at “be the siren all men want”…what a trip

Simply put, i am sure Rori Raye read this Men are from Mars Women are from Venus book, she ran with it’s principles and threw in her confusing and useless add ons so she didn’t come acrross as a plagiarist and to charge women a good penny for her complications and embelishments of the simple truth.

Most online scams use the information from this book, so if you want the truth told like it is and are a drmaphobic like me, buy yourself a copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I don’t get paid to write this review. I just hate it when “authors” prey on women’s insercurities and hardships.

LOOK SISTER: the truth is not complicated, it is black and white. If you’ve read Rori’s materials i invite you to read the book i mentioned above (which has been around longer than this Rori chick) and tell me whether i’m right or not. Your call.
Elena says :

Yay Thanks so much I like clear direct instruction as well. I found her emails the same …. confusing, repeating and going in circles …. it’s funny I have this book Men are from Mars…. sitting on my bookshelf for years…. haha will read…
Allison says :

Hi There,
I wanted to thank you for your thoughts perspective regarding the Rori Raye Relationship Programs. I am not a fan of circular talking and much prefer authentic - yet concise teaching. I too, am a tried true dramaphobe myself, and I abhor game playing all other forms of mid-direction energy wasting.

Additionally, I am in the midst of beginning my first solo business venture, I would be extremely interested to learn the name of the author of the book you mentioned reading that exposed the scams are used to promote various programs/teachings. Would you mind sharing?? I think beginning a new business venture can be intimidating for anyone, but when the business itself is built on the premise of health, living w/ an open-heart, creating maintaining solid boundaries, … various other purposeful meaningful abundant living type beliefs systems…. it is equally important to educate oneself about the scammers tactics used by sadly, many many people business.

Surprisingly out of all the self-help relationship material I ve read worked with over the years (I mean a rediculous - almost embarrassing amount that could fill a row in a library), I have never actually read the old well known, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus book. Honestly, I think there are 2 reasons I ve walked right past that book for so many years…. 1. because it is an older book. 2. because it was written by a man, which may sound terrible- but it s the truth. However, your comments have inspired me to pick it up w/ new eyes an open mind. So, thank you… if you d be so kind as to let me know the name author of the other book as well, I would be most grateful
beachblondage says :

Thank you for your honesty.
Share your thoughts. Ask.
Your opinion is valuable.

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The siren pdf

She alwayshas great men trailing after her. She seems to know how to inspire life-long devotion in a man – from the firstmeeting all the way through years and years of marriage.She never waits around for a man to call her. She has a lot of interesting things she’s doing all thetime, and men just want to naturally be around her.The man she’s with always lavishes her with attention and affection. CCANY woman can become a Siren!

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The Secret “Siren” Power That Makes A Man Want To Risk Everything And Give Up His Freedom To Be With Us – Is SomethingYou ALREADY HAVE!You’re already a Siren – a magnetic, irresistible woman.“ I’d recommend this to all my girlfriends It’s not only going to enhance myrelationship with my husband, but with other people as well.”Melissa, Simi Valley, CA.Very, very helpful Rori spoke about qualities that make a woman alluring that I think are pretty much lost onmodern females. Thank you Rori for your wisdom and generosity.”Cynthia, South Pasadena, CA.Rori, thank you so very much! I think that every women on this planet should be aware of this information,it can benefit everyone – even men – why not!”Cindy, Los Angeles, CA.“ Rori, you have saved my life As far as I had come on my own, I was still only half livingmy life, and I knew there was more You have shown me the way, given me the map, and I love you for it. Iowe my heart blossoming, spirit revealing, and soul saving to you. Thank you.”Donna, Woodland Hills, CA.“ I’ve been having the most amazing results already My energy has changed completely. I feelas if that heavy weight that has been on my heart has lifted. I feel free again.

I feel excited again.”Doreen, Los Angeles, CAOnce you purchase this program, you’ll immediately start learning Tools to help you tap into the feminine energy – already insideYOU – to feel more confident and powerful than ever. Harnessing this power makes you irresistibly attractive to men and you’llstart noticing men are naturally drawn to you, like a magnet.You’ll get over six hours of advice, tools, techniques, and exercises to start using today––and to keep using for years whetheryou’re single and dating or already in a relationship.I know you’ll have tremendous success with The Modern Siren. You can inspire a man to carve a special place for you in hisheart forever, you can make his “fears” disappear, and you can create for him the experience that ONLY YOU can make himtruly happy.Let me know how “Siren” works for you – I look forward to hearing your personal story.Love.

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