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Nov 04, 2017  The beloved Tales series is coming to the PlayStation Portable system. With its fast-paced, real-time battles, beautiful 3D graphics and extensive character customization, it is the ultimate handheld RPG. Engulf yourself in a world full of quests and heroic adventures anytime, anywhere! The beautiful and prosperous ancient land of Terresia is being destroyed by the. English-Patch Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 We make this blog to ensure that our efforts in the patch will be recognized because there are many people who's using our uploads for their own reputation. This work is free, all we want is to recognized us for our efforts.

Using the STEREO WIDTH CONTROL too heavily may lead to phase problems. Do try it out on subgroups (makes ROCK GUITAR subgroups jump out of your speakers at about 150%!!!), FX returns, keyboards / samplers, etc. This is very helpful when working in M/S modes (because especially listening to only the S-signal of a stereo mix is not so easy to do with modern DAW stations) and to check your signals / mixes for errors, noises, clicks, whatever.bxsolo also contains a STEPPED M/S STEREO WIDTH CONTROL, so you can get an impression about what you can actually do with ist. Brainworx ssl.

Tales of the World:
Radiant Mythology 3
Developer(s)Alfa System
Composer(s)Takuya Yasuda
Kota Nakashima
Motoi Sakuraba
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Go Shiina
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable
Genre(s)Action RPG

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (テイルズオブザワールド レディアントマイソロジー3, Teiruzu Obu Za Wārudo Redianto Maisorojī 3) is the sixth entry in the Tales of the World series, and the third entry in the Radiant Mythology series. Like most of the 'Tales Of' games, the game is only available in Japanese. Like other games in the series, it features a group of characters from various Tales games.[1]


Like previous installments in the Radiant Mythology series, the player character will be capable of changing job classes by talking with this game's Guild Leader. Some job classes have special requirements in order for them to be unlocked, and players will have to expend grade points in order to transform into them.

The game features the past job classes from the two previous installments in the Radiant Mythology series, as well as introducing new ones.

  • Warrior - A fighting class that specializes in close range combat.
  • Swordsman - Has a variety of strong and quick sword attacks.
  • Thief - Uses quick dagger attacks, giving enemies little chance to counter.
  • Mage - Uses offensive magic spells for dealing damage.
  • Priest - Specializes in healing and support magic.
  • Fighter - Uses fast and power attacks based on martial arts.
  • Hunter - Long range fighters that are masters at fighting with a bow.
  • Magic Knight - A versatile class that uses both physical and magic attacks.
  • Bishop - A master class of offensive and support magic artes.
  • Ninja - A class that hides in the shadows and uses trickery to defeat enemies.
  • Twinsword - A quick swordsman class that uses dual swords to deal fast attacks on the enemies.
  • Brandish - A advanced form of a warrior that fights with broadswords.
  • Monk - A fist fighting class that is able to use healing artes.
  • Pirate - An agile class that is a master in both close and ranged combat with a dagger and pistol.
  • Paladin - A swordsman class that uses broadswords and focuses on using healing artes.
  • Gunman - A new class that is a master in ranged combat with dual guns.

As each job class is used, it increases in level and will over time eventually learn its job class specific Hi-ougi/Mystic Arte, which can be used to unleash a great deal of damage.

Class NameFirst AppearanceHi-Ougi/Mystic Arte
WarriorRadiant MythologyInfernal Ruin
SwordsmanRadiant MythologyDark Blade
ThiefRadiant MythologyDeath Spiral
MageRadiant MythologyIndignant Judgement
PriestRadiant MythologySacred Shine
FighterRadiant MythologyFire Dragon Rampage
HunterRadiant MythologyWild Geese
Magic KnightRadiant MythologyShining Bind
BishopRadiant MythologyDivine Judgement
NinjaRadiant MythologyNine Seals
Twin SwordRadiant Mythology 2Burning Phoenix
BrandishRadiant Mythology 2Wyrm Wrath
MonkRadiant Mythology 2Ground Breaker
PirateRadiant Mythology 2Bullet of Force
PaladinRadiant Mythology 2Dragon Wrath
GunmanRadiant Mythology 3X Buster


Like previous games in the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series, the game features various characters each from different games in the Tales series. The game has 80 different characters from past Tales games,[2] including all of the 50 characters from Radiant Mythology 2.[3]


  • Kanonno Grassvalley - Voiced by Aya Hirano
  • Rocks (Rocksprings)[4]- Voiced by Hiroki Aiba
  • Lazaris - Voiced by Satomi Satō
  • Pasca Kanonno - Voiced by Haruka Kudo
  • Mormo - Voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi
  • Kanonno Earhart - Voiced by Kanae Itou
  • Widdershin - Voiced by Banjo Ginga
  • Goede - Voiced by Kenji Nojima


CharacterOriginal AppearancePlatformsYear ReleasedStatusMystic ArteCharacter Voice
Cress AlbaneTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/Game Boy Advance/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006PlayableFinal JusticeTakeshi Kusao
Mint AdenadeTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/Game Boy Advance/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006PlayableTime StopJunko Iwao
Chester BurklightTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/Game Boy Advance/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006Playable(Ten'i Jouhakyuu)Kentarou Itou
Arche KleinTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/Game Boy Advance/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006PlayableBig BangMika Kanai
Suzu FujibayashiTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006PlayableJiraiyaTaeko Kawada
DhaosTales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom/PlayStation/PlayStation Portable1995/1998/2003/2006Non-PlayableSuper Dhaos LaserToshiyuki Morikawa
Stahn AileronTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayablePhoenixTomokazu Seki
Rutee KatreaTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableLife DischargeYuka Imai
Leon MagnusTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableInfernal SufferingHikaru Midorikawa
Woodrow KelvinTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableAzure Cannon2Sho Hayami
Philia FeliceTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableSacred PenanceKikuko Inoue
Mighty Kongman (Bruiser Khang)Tales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableTres Bien HipTesshō Genda
Lilith AileronTales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableThunder SwordChie Sawaguchi
Chelsea Torn1Tales of DestinyPlayStation/PlayStation 21997/2006PlayableWild GeeseNaoko Watanabe
Reid HershelTales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableAurora WallAkira Ishida
Farah OerstedTales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableFinal FuryYuko Minaguchi
Keele ZeibelTales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableRemSoichiro Hoshi
ChatTales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableEternal HammerJunko Noda
CelsiusTales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableGround BreakerJunko Noda
Meredy & Quickie1Tales of EterniaPlayStation/PlayStation Portable2000/2005PlayableShadowOmi Minami
Kyle DunamisTales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayableHeavenward ThrustJun Fukuyama
RealaTales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayableAqua LimitRyoka Yuzuki
Loni Dunamis1[4]Tales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayableFinal PrayerToshihiko Seki
Judas1Tales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayableWolf's PenitenceHikaru Midorikawa
Nanaly FletchTales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayableWild GeeseYumi Kakazu
Harold BerseliusTales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007PlayablePrincess of Mermaid (Start from Meteoric Rise)Akiko Hiramatsu
Barbatos GoetiaTales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2002/2007Non-PlayableNo Items Ever!Norio Wakamoto
Lloyd IrvingTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableFalcon's CrestKatsuyuki Konishi
Colette BrunelTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableHoly JudgmentNana Mizuki
Genius (Genis) SageTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableIndignation JudgmentAi Orikasa
Refill (Raine) SageTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableSacred ShineYumi Tōma
Kratos AurionTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableShining BindFumihiko Tachiki
Sheena Fujibayashi1[5]Tales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableSummon: HeartAkemi Okamura
Zelos WilderTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableShining BindMasaya Onosaka
Presea CombatirTales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013PlayableCrimson DevastationHouko Kuwashima
Yggdrasill / Mithos Yggdrasill1Tales of SymphoniaNintendo GameCube/PlayStation 2/PlayStation 32003/2004/2013Non-PlayableTime StopHideyuki Tanaka
Veigue LungbergTales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008PlayableCelsius CaliburNobuyuki Hiyama
Claire BennettTales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008Non-PlayableNoneMio Yasuda
MaoTales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008PlayableInferno DriveAkeno Watanabe
Eugene GallardoTales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008PlayableLight BlastUnsho Ishizuka
Annie BarrsTales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008PlayableWyrm WrathAkiko Yajima
Tytree Crowe1Tales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008PlayableCrimson Phoenix2Kappei Yamaguchi
Saleh1Tales of RebirthPlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable2004/2008Non-PlayableSteife BriseMasami Kikuchi
Senel CoolidgeTales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005PlayablePhantom Dragon FlurryKenichi Suzumura
Shirley Fennes1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005PlayableUrel NerifesRyō Hirohashi
Will Raynard1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005PlayableApocalypticaSusumu Chiba
Chloe ValensTales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005Playable(Musou Jinretsusen)Masumi Asano
Norma Beatty1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005PlayableOriginate BlazeKaori Mizuhashi
Jay1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005PlayableFlame Serpent Seal2 Ryōko Shiraishi
Quppo1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005Non-PlayableNoneMikako Takahashi
Pippo1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005Non-PlayableNoneSara Nakayama
Poppo1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005Non-PlayableNoneWataru Hatano
Mimi Bread (Baker)1Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 22005Non-PlayableNoneAkemi Kanda
Luke fon FabreTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableRadiant HowlChihiro Suzuki
Tear GrantsTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableInnocent ShineYukana
Guy CecilTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableRazing PhoenixYasunori Matsumoto
Jade CurtissTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableMystic CageTakehito Koyasu
Anise TatlinTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableDying MoonHaruko Momoi
AschTales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableRending SaberChihiro Suzuki
Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear1[6]Tales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableAstral RainMichiko Neya
Van Grants1Tales of the AbyssPlayStation 2/Nintendo 3DS2005/2011PlayableImperial SlaughterGeorge Nakata
Caius QuallsTales of the TempestNintendo DS2006PlayableBeast BlowMotoki Takagi
Rubia NatwickTales of the TempestNintendo DS2006PlayableSacred ShineMai Kadowaki
Ruca MildaTales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012PlayableInfernal Overlord2Akiko Kimura
Illia AnimiTales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012PlayableRuined Vain WishYuko Sasamoto
Spada BelformaTales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012PlayableSundering Light2Yūji Ueda
Ange Serena1[4]Tales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012PlayableSoaring Phoenix2Kaori Nazuka
Ricardo Soldato1Tales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012PlayableEndless TragedyHiroaki Hirata
Coda1Tales of InnocenceNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2007/2012Non-PlayableNoneEtsuko Kozakura
Emil Castagnier1Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldWii/PlayStation 32008/2013PlayableDevil's HellfireHiro Shimono
Marta Lualdi1Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldWii/PlayStation 32008/2013PlayableRadiant RoarRie Kugimiya
Richter Abend1Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldWii/PlayStation 32008/2013PlayableTowering InfernoKenji Hamada
Yuri LowellTales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableSavage Wolf FuryKosuke Toriumi
Estellise Sidos HeurasseinTales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableSacred PenanceMai Nakahara
Flynn Scifo1[6]Tales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableRadiant Dragon FangMamoru Miyano
Rita Mordio1[4]Tales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableAncient CatastropheRika Morinaga
Judith1Tales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableRadiant MoonlightAya Hisakawa
Raven1Tales of VesperiaXbox 360/PlayStation 32008/2009PlayableBlast HeartEiji Takemoto
Shing Meteoryte1[6]Tales of HeartsNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2008/2013PlayableSolar WindTetsuya Kakihara
Kohaku Hearts1Tales of HeartsNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2008/2013PlayableFinal FuryMarina Inoue
Hisui Hearts1[4]Tales of HeartsNintendo DS/PlayStation Vita2008/2013PlayableGolden EagleMasaya Matsukaze
Asbel Lhant1Tales of GracesWii/PlayStation 32009/2010PlayableStampede StrikeTakahiro Sakurai
Sophie1Tales of GracesWii/PlayStation 32009/2010PlayableCritical BladeKana Hanazawa
Cheria Barnes1Tales of GracesWii/PlayStation 32009/2010PlayableGarden of InnocenceShiho Kawaragi

1 New to Radiant Mythology.
2 Unofficially translated name.


Famitsu awarded the game a total of 35/40, composed of a 9/9/9/8 score.[7]The game topped sales in the week it was released selling 222,068 units and improved PSP sales.[8]


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