Shadow Of Mordor Troll

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Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you, discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately confront the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle of Middle-earth. Please note: The GOTY Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the previously available Premium Edition are the same product. As for trolls being all over Mordor, I would expect it wouldn't be trolls exactly, but Olog-hai which are basically badass trolls that are not vulnerable to sunlight. Keep in mind that Sauron's 'thing' is being able to twist and turn the various races of Middle Earth into new, horrific monsters.

Originally posted by:Wraith stun or headshot stuns them. Then you just pound on them or grab to ride them around.ok thanksstill nothing on countering them so far. I sware i read it, sure wish i read it closerYeah, i can remember there was somthing about 'countering' in the first introduction of the Olog-Hai. Now i can not find any information about that in the guide.Also the attack with the blue indicator is very irritating, sometimes it just appears for like a few milliseconds with no chance to dodge.Whats also strange is, that the wraith stun does not work on them most of the time, even after diving thru their feet and attacking from the back. Not sure whats going on, or what i am doing wrong.

Shadow Of Mordor Troll

The tips you got when you met the first one just told you to dodge and counter them, then stun and mount, stab and drive it into other orcs.Most of it's attacks have the red icon which must be dodged. Only the quick jab has the blue icon which probably means you have to perfect counter it, but it is pretty quick and the range is short, I've yet to successfully countered it.I have no clue when does stun work, it made me wonder if I'm supposed to hold E to do some magical work to stun it, but no, holding E gives you the drain animation and then nothing. I'm not sure if stunning it from the back has a better success rate.So far the quickest way seems to be charged arrows to the head or explosions, but I've not unlocked many skills so maybe there are better ways later.

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I actually have a pretty interesting story with this particular Olog-hai, I'll just copy paste what I wrote somewhere else because I'm lazy.I have the most amazing story with an Olog-hai that ambushed me out of nowhere, he gets enraged by everything and is generally pretty hard to beat, sets traps on the floor and stuff.So this guy, Az-Rans the Master, ambushes me and I beat him, dominate him, he levels up from 15 to 18 and I make him my bodyguard. Time advances and this guy betrays me, says something about 'how working for me is too boring, Sauron is better, etc.' .I search for him, we have our second fight, as I break him but he manages to escape. I send him a death threat, he levels up to 24, and so we go at it a third time, I'm this close to dominating him but I get hit by an arrow and he gets enraged by some random thing, at this point I can't break him anymore and end up killing him.So long, Az-Rans the Master. I was pretty broken up about killing this guy, I really wanted him in my ranks.

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I left it at that and told this story of betrayal to a friend, he mentions it would be funny if he came back from the dead, but I wasn't holding any hopes for it.I put the game down for the night and pick it back up today, I'm just messing around and BOOM, here's Az-Rans the Master who cheated death and is back to haunt me at level 25, he's now known as Az-Rans the Survivor though. He's the strongest enemy in the game at this point that I've encountered, but I manage to beat him for the 4th time and try to dominate him, only to discover that I can't dominate an enemy above my level. So I shame him down to level 20.I let him go, but I really want this guy in my ranks at this point, too much effort has been invested in him! Time to fight him a 5th time, long story short I beat him again and this time I can dominate him, but he won't have it, he says something about only having eyes for Sauron and defies me with his iron will. So I shame him again, down to level 15. I think that also made him retarded with all the shaming, because now he only says stupid shit.6th time is the charm, having shamed him twice after he came back from the dead I am able to bring him back into my ranks at level 15. I'm about to conquer my first fortress and I want this guy to rule it so I have him rank up by killing lower level Uruks in the pit fights, that brings him up to 22.I conquer the fortress and set him up as the new Overlord, you better not betray me again Az-Rans the Survivor!(he's currently at level 26, still ruling over the fortress, I also took a series of screenshots of all these events which I could post).