Pokemon Glazed Evolution Changes

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Pokemon Blazed Glazed is an improved version of Pokemon Glazed with some noticeable difference Features: Pokemon From 4th-6th Gen. Trainers isle gym leader and championship battles are dual battles. Change trainer isle gym leader and championship pokemons movepools. Change/add movepools on almost all pokemons.

Hello Pokemon Players,We all love Pokemon Games because of their unique gameplay. But Nintendo only releases one game each year so we have to wait so long to play other new games. Another reason is that the new Pokemon Games are only released on the latest platforms such Nintendo 3DS and not all of us can own it.

By that reason, there are many Pokemon ROM Hacks made and released but there are a few hacks of them which are completed fully. Today, Pokemon Glazed is introduced to you as one of the most popular Hacks ever and you can play it easily on your PC with GBA Emulators. Pokemon Glazed Official Box ArtSo what is it and how special is it?Pokemon Glazed is a good hacked ROM of Pokemon Emerald (U). It is a Redriders180’s hack contained a lot of new features in a Pokemon Game. Glazed is the result after many hours he worked with Hacking ROM tools.

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We can not expect anything more in a GBA Game which owns things only on Nintendo 3DS & DS system. Now the Beta 7 of Glazed was released. This version includes presumably 99% of the game except some small bugs and you can play fully your journey. The Final Release will be coming soon with fixed bugs and some small changes, the story will not be changed anymore. In Pokecommunity forum, hundreds of pages in a topic were created and thousands of downloads were made. Those players who did those things could not be wrong.

So why not play Pokemon Glazed? It is really fun and great. This website has all posts about Pokemon Glazed such as: Informations, Screenshots and Trailers, Walkthrough, Cheats, Download, Guides and Tips. Game StorylineTwelve years ago, you were born in a small town in Tunod region.

Today is your birthday and usually, like other boys in the town, you will receive your first Pokemon. It will be your friend forever and protect you.

But if you are hurry for a journey, you can be in dangerous. You must have the best preparation before making a journey in Tunod. You don’t know what is ahead you. The news on TV talks about a mysterious power that wants to deface your world and Pokemon World.

Also you will wonder about a mysterious team around the ancient ruins. Complete this hack and answer those questions. All are in Beta 7 Version. Features. The new region with new name – Tunod.

Travel through all regions including 2 regions Rankor and Johto. There are five starters to select instead of three starters like other games. You can catch all starters you see. Pokedex will have Pokemon from Gen I, II, III, IV and V.

Legendary Pokemon from Gen III, IV and V. After defeating GYM Leaders, you can have battles with them again. New sprites, graphics, new battle effects.


New storyline with new Characters.