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Jun 19, 2019  rekordbox is the best way of preparing and managing your tracks, be it at home, in the studio, or even on the plane! It allows you to import music from other music-management software using the Bridge function, or by simply adding them into the software for management. Rekordbox will work out the BPM and allow you to set hot-cue and loop points into the track. Get the full DJ experience with access to all options. Start with rekordbox, then combine rekordbox dj with a Plus Pack. Here are 3 ways to do it: Monthly Subscription Plus Packs Purchase Product Bundles. Power up with rekordbox dj & Plus packs. Take real control of your music library, software and hardware. $129.00 (w/o TAX) 1 license.

Everything I download goes through iTunes first. I have an iPhone so for music on the go, I sync my iPhone into iTunes and it’s all there nicely.Then iTune songs go in mixed in key for analyzing key and energy levels and then they go into RB.In RB, I have like 10 generic folders for genres and sub genres but with respect to their genres.

Within the folders I have playlist for tempo ranges of that folderExampleTrance 128-135Trance 136-140Tech trance 128-135Tech trance 136-140Psy progressivePsy full onPsy Joof progressivePsy joof technoAfterhours technoAfterhours tranceAfterhours progressiveAfterhours psySo I have folders that dictate the genre then a few playlist in each folder dictating tempo range. The after hours I don’t have a tempo range because I don’t have too many songs in there yetEveryone will have their own method but I try to keep consistent.

I buy my music in chunks, like 20+ tracks at a time. I label them in a folder as well as make a playlist of this. I listen to these tracks a lot to keep them in my mind related to that folder.after that, organize additional playlists based on however you'd like -whether by prepping for a set, creating playlists of similar genre/ideas, or just whatever suits the mood for the can of course sort by bpm, key, etc but you should be doing most of that work in rekordbox as is. Prep in itunes first and then during your sets let your searching (sort by bpm, key, or use related tracks lists) do other things. My workflow is:​- All media files stored on an AppleShare file server (=external HFS formatted drive) so all Macs in my network access the same track files. This is easy to backup and even when I'm on location all I need is a (carbon copy) clone of the server on a drive and I'm good to go.​- Itunes for collection management (=id3 tagging and playlist/folder creation)​- Traktor for DJ preparation with the aid of Mixed in Key for basic cues and keys​- Conversion to Pioneer's Rekordbox, Denon's Prime platform and Algoriddim djay Pro on both iOS and MacOS​To make sure there is no duplicate labor in this workflow I've developed some apps.You can see my entire workflow including the explanation at:. Cheers mate.Just to clarify Re: Star ratings, I know if I'm doing a 1hr peak time set to aim for mostly 4/5 star tunes unless I've been pushing too hard and the floor is getting tired (I play 160 / ghetto house / jungle)If I'm doing something earlier or later, I aim for mostly 3/4 star ratings because it's more appropriate for the timeslot.1 star means ive looked at it and wouldn't play it (might be a shit tune on an album)2 star I'd start exploring with longer format mixes.Hope that helps!.

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    Mac OS X 10.9 or later

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    Pioneer Coporation / rekordbox for Mac

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    rekordbox for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

rekordbox for Mac is a music management App for Pioneer DJ products. You can transfer music files from your Mac/Windows to this App to prepare for your DJ performance such as creating playlists, setting cue points, and so on. Take your DJ dreams to the next level with rekordbox! It’s packed with functions to give you more ways to manage and mix music that’s personal and powerful.
Pioneer DJ's next generation engine for rekord box features streamlined signal processing to precisely analyze the melodic patterns of tracks so you can always find the beat you need to get the crowd jumping. Exporting with USB/SD is easier and smoother (PCs and Macs only) in the app. You can now export to DJ players, and by inserting your USB or SD card to any PC or Mac, you are always ready to DJ. Track analytics are super slick and precise with rekordbox for macOS, including smooth track loading and browse scrolling. Also, optimized algorithms ensure that superior Pioneer sound is even more stable.
rekordbox dj takes you way beyond track management with a full range of creative, intuitive and customized tools for getting the most out of your library, software and hardware, including full plug & play power. It meets all industry standards and syncs across all the top players so you can take total control of your performance and customize to your heart's content. A picture is worth a thousand beats, especially when you're in the middle of a feverish set.
The app dj's GUI gives you a snap shot of each track's album art you always know the cue. It gives you full plug & play access aross all your players, devices and media with an intuitive GUI that will always feel like home no matter where you're working. With rekord box dvs you can get low latency scratch control and sound like an old-school vinyl DJ. Line it up with Control Vinyl for rekord box dvs.
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