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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. I uninstalled OBIS, organised bandits in skyrim and then ran on over - froze again. I re-enabled it, and disabled a mod called Extra bandit encounters, that claims to be compatible with anything and everything and script free - and it worked. Aug 27, 2013  Skyrim: What Hearthfire Should’ve Been – 5 Immersive Elder Scrolls 5 Mods You May Have Missed - Duration: 10:34. TheEpicNate315 794,392 views.

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I've been using OBIS(Organized Bandits In Skyrim) for the past few days and I keep running into a couple issues. Did any of u run into these issues? How can I fix them?.Random bandits spawn in cities and start attacking people (I'm not even running Open Cities, they just randomly spawn), last time this occoured i was inside dragonsreach and a group of 5 bandits spawned there.Some bandits that are spawned are overleveled.

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help. So I am playing Skyrim SE with mods on it, however all of my save games keep being corrupted. The way it goes is that I start the game, make a character and explore the world. Everything seems fines. I then save the game and turn it off and return a few hours later only to get one of two errors. Either the game CTD after it is done loading or I get a message saying the file is corrupt and I am taken back to the main menu.

I don't know why it is doing this and I have tested it with 4 different save games, all corrupted. I am not adding or removing any mods during the playthrough. The only error I am getting from the game during game-play is that when I open my map I get a message about an error with SKYUI and that something is overriding it. I'm not sure what is overriding SKYUI or why that message only appears when I look at the map, unless it is my map mod causing the issue. I use SSEEdit to clean all of my files and LOOT to organize it. Loot doesn't detect any issues or errors with my mods. I also use a Wrye Bash patch.

Originally posted by:It sounds like you have installed your mods in wrong order.You may use one mod that contains old files that is overwriting new and fixed.What modding tool do you use?You will have need for reverting your game to one new fresh start.Have you changed your load during your play?I use NMM. I don't think I installed in the wrong order though, but I'll double check. My load order has not changed during gameplay. I have tested some more things out though. I created a new game. Everything worked fine and I made sure not to open the map and get the error.

I saved the game and turned Skyrim off. Came back and I still couldn't load the file. Perhaps that error isn't the issue. I also created another save where I walked around for a few minutes and then saved.That save loaded.

I think it might have to do with how long I play. Originally posted by:NMM is outdated, you should consider update to Vortex or MO2.NMM cant handle mods whit the new esl format not sure but it dont activate the plugins.It dont have anything to do how long you have played, I have one 640+ hour in LE no issues at all. But if you do the modding wrong you will crash your save the first 10 hours.Is there any reason you dont have the patches for Bruma inactive?I was just noticing a pattern that if a play the game for a while the save becomes corrupted. I did try to use Mod Organizer but it was too confusing for me and I had no idea what I was doing. Labtec microphone driver.

I'm not sure if I understand the Bruma question though. Are you saying that the patch I have should not be active? I did download the Patch provided by the mod author.

They should be active and placed at the correct places.Several of your mods are lose files mods, those must be installed in proper order since some mods shares files, they may use the same textures but different versions. You get my point.All small errors in the load/install order may create small issues that will create savebloat.I suggest you try MO2 again, it works well and are supported and gets updates regulary.But as you say, it can be confusing from start since it have one steeper learning curve.Check some tubes, there is several that are tryly good. Goopher is one of them. So I have uninstalled SKYUI and every mod that requires it. I reinstalled the mods in the order I think is correct. Just to see what would happen, I then ran Skyrim SE (Bethesda Launcher) without Special Edition Script Extender.

I loaded my save and the game loaded into the world without CTD. The game gave me some errors about mods failing, probably because they couldn't use SESE. I was able to walk around for about 5 sec and then it CTD.

It seems that something with the Script Extender isn't working right. Should I just uninstall it and reinstall it? If so, what is the safest way to remove it?Update, I loaded another save and this one gave the errors at the start too, but it didn't CTD after playing.