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Admins and power users can readily learn and adopt the Nintex plugin as a solution for creating workflows, without having to write code. This course explores how to use Nintex, including how to automate an approval workflow, add workflow actions, monitor workflows, and design drag-and-drop forms.

Applies to: SharePoint 2010, SPServices, Nintex Forms 2010

Marc D Anderson’sSPServices (jQuery for SharePoint Web Services) can save you a ton of time and make your SharePoint sites more responsive and dynamic with very little effort. Nintex can really beef up your workflows and/or your forms. So it makes a lot of sense to bring these together!

Recently I was tasked with pulling some user profile information to display on a Nintex Form that was being used to launch a site workflow. Unfortunately, there is no way to run workflow code before showing the initial form; so all of those great Nintex Workflow Actions were unavailable to me. Fortunately, SPServices allows easy querying of the User Profile Service directly from client side script.

Nintex Forms uses a copy of the jQuery library that you can access through NWF$. So just adding SPServices to your form’s page won’t work, but since jQuery is already there it’s fairly simple to get it all hooked up.

The first thing to do is to get the appropriate version of SPServices. The version of SPServices you use depends on the version of jQuery in use. To figure out what version of jQuery Nintex Forms is using you’ll need to temporarily add some custom JavaScript to your form.

To add JavaScript to Nintex Forms, from the Form editor click the Settings button in the Ribbon and then expand the Custom JavaScript section at the bottom:

You can take advantage of NWF$ here. Simply add the following to the box and click Save:

Open the F12 Developer tools and preview your form. In the Console you should see the version of jQuery being used by Nintex Forms. For us it was 1.6.1. So we should be fine using the latest version of SPServices.

You’ll need to download the SPServices library. Since SPServices uses an IIFE to extend the jQuery object, we’ll need to make a slight adjustment to instead extend the NWF$ object. This is actually really easy. Open up the minified version of SPServices (the one with the .min at the end of the file name) and go all the way to the very end where you’ll see (jQuery);

Just replace the jQuery portion with NWF$ and save with a different name (maybe put an NF.min.js on the end). It’ll look something like this:

Then just upload it somewhere in your site collection (The Style Library is generally the best place).

To reference that file go back to the Nintex Form editor and click that Settings button again and expand the Advanced section. Scroll down to the Custom JavaScript Includes section and add the address of the script you just uploaded (If you have multiple JavaScript Includes you just put one on each line):

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Press Save and that’s it! You can now access SPServices to do whatever fancy magic you need!

To make sure it worked, scroll back down to that Custom JavaScript section of the Form Settings dialog and add the following code:

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Then just make sure those F12 developer tools are open and preview the form again. You’ll see the version of SPServices logged out to the console.

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