How To Change Name In Counter Strike Source

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Sep 27, 2008  Simply go to options and the one of the first options on the screen is the ability to change your name.

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.Why Weapon Orientation MattersMost gamers have a preference as to which side their weapon is oriented in a first person shooter. Why one side works better than the other, is dependant on you having a dominant eye. If your right eye is the dominant eye then a left handed weapon orientation will work better, as there will then be more space on the right side of the screen, that was otherwise obscured with the weapon. It in the inverse if your left eye is dominant.How to Switch Your Weapon Hand in Counter-StrikeChanging your weapon orientation is easy to do, and can have a positive impact on your overall gameplay experience. Here's how:. You will need to start by enabling the Developer Console. Go into Help and Options Game Settings Enable Developer Console.Note: There should be a keyboard symbol next to Enable Developer Console, this is the key that you need to press to open the Developer Console.


Exit game settings, and press the relevant key to enter the Developer Console. The Console will look like this:. You want to enter the following command into the console:clrighthand 0. After entering this, the weapon will now be move to a left handed orientated gripIf you want to revert back to a right handed orientated grip, you can enter the following code:clrighthand 1Image: © Steam - Counter Strike.