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No matter what kind of club you’re running or how many members you have, it’s always a good idea to consider implementing a club management system. Small, big, public and private associations all share the same two goals: providing a great member experience and operating as efficiently as possible. Software can help you achieve those goals.Club management solutions for membership-based organizations automate marketing campaigns, take care of class scheduling and coordinate events while also handling customer data and payment processing. These systems are popular with health and fitness clubs, campus recreation centers, sports clubs, private education centers and parks.This guide has been created to help users find the best solution for their business needs. Here’s what we’ll cover:What Is Club Management Software?Club management software, also known as “membership software” or “association management software,” offers tools that help clubs and associations promote themselves and provide better services to their members.Common capabilities of this software include:. Member records management. Billing.

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Scheduling. Marketing and promotion toolsSome organizations use manual methods or basic software programs, such as Google Drive or Microsoft Excel, to perform these functions. If that sounds like your club, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy dedicated software instead.

The answer is almost always yes. There are many solutions in the market that are specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Clubs that are scaling at a rapid pace or expanding their service offerings can especially benefit from club management systems thanks to the functionalities we’ve described in the next section of this article.Common Functionality of Club Management SoftwareThe following capabilities are common to most club management systems: Membership managementAllows users to store and edit member records, search member databases and upgrade or downgrade memberships.SchedulingLets members and staff search, book and reschedule classes and appointments.

You don't just have to. If you have a Mac at home, work, or school, you can totally set up and manage your on macOS as well. There's both a Fitbit Connect app and a web portal, that'll help you get set up and going, right from your Mac! Products used in this guide. Hercules dj4set driver mac. Best Fitbit for most people: ($150 at Fitbit). Smartwatch and fitness tracker hybrid: ($170 at Fitbit)How to download the Fitbit Connect app for MacFitbit has an app known as Fitbit Connect, which allows you pair and sync your Fitbit tracker with your Mac using the handy wireless USB dongle.

First, download the free Fitbit Connect app. Click Download for Mac. Open a new Finder window.Click Downloads in the menu.Source: iMore. Double click the Fitbit disk image file.

Its name will start with 'FibtitConnectMac.' .Double click the Fitbit installer file. It looks like a cardboard box and is called 'Install Fitbit Connect.pkg.' Source: iMore. Click Continue on the introduction page of the install wizard.Click Continue on the software license agreement.Source: iMore.

Click Agree to agree to the terms and conditions.Click Continue when you have chosen the drive on which to save the Fitbit Connect app.Source: iMore. Click Install.Enter your password and click Install Software.Source: iMoreBoom, you've got the Fitbit Connect app! You open it just as you would any other application – either from the Finder or from your dock. Now you'll be able to access your Dashboard, participate in challenges, and more, all from your Mac! How to pair a new Fitbit tracker with your MacNow that you've got the Fitbit Connect app downloaded, you'll probably want to pair your Fitbit with your Mac.

This is done using the wireless dongle that came in your Fitbit's box, so make sure you plug it into an available USB port before starting the setup process. It looks like a thumb drive, but just the tip.This process continues straight from installing Fitbit Connect. Click Set Up a New Fitbit Device.Click New to Fitbit.Source: iMore. Enter your email address and create a password. Click the box next to 'I agree to the Fitbit Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.' .Click Sign Up.Source: iMore. Enter your info on the 'Tell us about yourself' page.

Click Sign Up.Click the Fitbit tracker that you're setting up.Source: iMore.Click Next through the information screens. Perform the action requested.

Enter the code that appears on your Fitbit's display. Tap your Flex until you feel it vibrate.Click Next or I felt it buzz, depending on your Fitbit model.Source: iMore. Click Next on the connection confirmation screen.Click Go to Dashboard.Source: iMoreThat's all there is to it; your Fitbit tracker is now paired with your Mac. Not only that, but you've now signed up for a Fitbit account as well. Two birds are dead, and you've only tossed one stone.Keep in mind that you'll need that dongle plugged in all the time if you want your tracker to sync with your Mac continually.So long as your Mac remains connected to the internet, your Fitbit tracker will wirelessly sync when you're within 20 feet of it.

You'll be able to log in to your Fitbit Connect app and see your up-to-date progress without having to connect any cables or clicking the Sync button. Our top equipment picks.