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Half-Life 2 - CS Source: ColonGlock SoundsCounterstrike source CT and Terror win sounds, death sounds, and start of round sounds.ColonGlock CS Source soundsok, Cool ct and terror win sounds, death sounds, and start of round sounds. To install just drop the 'radio' and 'player' dir's in the'SteamSteamApps'your email'counterstrike sourcecstrikesound'in the 'radio' dir the main sounds are 'ctwin',and 'terwin', which only have 1 type.Then there are 'lets go', 'locknload', and 'moveout'. These have an alternate sound, named the same but with '2'. To use the alternate sound just rename it after renaming the original. These sounds play at the begining of the round.rescued has a alternate as well and of course this plays when hostages are rescued!In the 'player' dir there are 4 diff death sounds. Right now the only one that will work is the one named death6.wav, so to use a paticular sound just nename to death6.wav after backing up the original. The death sound will default most of the time, but every so often you will hear death6.wav which any one of them is cool.I suggest creating a shorcut to the 'sound' dirto customize it to your liking on the fly.Have fun!Ultragamer@gmail.com.

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