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Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner for Mac 6.14 Description: Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner for Mac is an ultra fast burner to help save you time. Burn audio, video, or files to CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc. Express Burn Free includes a user-friendly interface with a handy drag and drop feature. Free download ExpressDictate ExpressDictate for Mac OS X. ExpressDictate - Record and send dictation directly from your computer Express Dictate software is a voice recording program that works like a dictaphone.

With Express Dictate, record dictations directly on your Android phone or tablet using the simple voice recording controls that are designed to mimic an old style dictaphone dictation recorder. Record, playback, rewind, insert or overwrite sections of the dictation file as needed. Then simply tap send to have the dictation file compressed and emailed to your typist.This pocket version of Express Dictate is designed to have all the features you need for easy and reliable dictation on the go. Perfect for doctors, lawyers and other professionals that want to record information while it it is still fresh whether they are at the courthouse, out of town or simply not near their computer.

Not only will recording dictations on your phone more convenient for you, but it will also improve turnaround time by getting recordings to your typist faster.HIPAA compliant secure encryption of dictation recordings is also available for protecting sensitive client or patient information. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments.

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With my Android phone, the app looks different and I cannot send files by emails. Very frustrating! A lot of wasted time trying to use this Android app!' ,491000000,7,'NCH Software','Hi,nThank you for sending feedback about emails. We are sorry our app hasn't worked as well on Android as it did on iOS. Please message our support team with any other differences you have noticed and any errors that have occurred so we can assist you and look into making fixes: Google user',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Carlos Araya Orostica',null,2,null,null,null,'version is too old and not working at all with my Galaxy S10. There are issues with display size and settings, like trying to setup send method.'

,283000000,10,'NCH Software','Hello Juan, nWe are sorry to hear about your negative experience. We update our products often and will pass your queries to our development team so they can make the necessary changes. For troubleshooting assistance, please contact our Support Team here: n-NCH Software',109000000,null,'6','Juan Carlos Araya Orostica',null,null,2,null,null,null,'D'Arcy',null,2,null,null,null,'update has made it impossible to share to Dropbox. This needs to be fixed.' ,635000000,3,'NCH Software','Hi Paul, nnWe are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues uploading to Dropbox.

The best resource to help troubleshoot the issue at hand is our Support Team. You can reach them here: n-NCH Software Team',727000000,null,'3','Paul D'Arcy',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Adewuni',null,2,null,null,null,'I requested for refund. You have uninstall the app but you are yet to refund my money. I thought the app was for transcribing audio files',231000000,1,'NCH Software','Hello there, we apologize for the misunderstanding. Our Refunds Team would love to assist you. You can request a refund for your purchase here: Software Team',924000000,null,'1','Yinka Adewuni',null,null,2,null,null,null,'McModie',null,2,null,null,null,'useless. Lot of trouble with sending files.'

,171000000,1,'NCH Software','Hi Salar, nWe are sorry to hear about your negative experience. We are always working to improve our products. Could you tell what issues you had with sending files so we can better investigate? Our support team is always happy to help Software Team',611000000,null,'5','salar McModie',null,null,2,null,null,null,'French',null,2,null,null,null,'support my Note 8 screen resolution.' ,485000000,0,'NCH Software','Hello Michael, thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your software.

We have forwarded your inquiry to our Development Team and they are taking a closer look. In the meantime, our Support Team is always available here: Software Team',741000000,null,'4','Michael French',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Anvekar',null,2,null,null,null,'to find option to play existing. Dct files',626000000,0,'NCH Software','Hello Vinay, thank you for contacting us. We are sorry for any inconveneince this may have caused. If you would like this feature to be added to future versions of Express Dictate, you can suggest it directly to our Development Team.