Chicony Cnf 7129 Camera Driver For Mac

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Camera, Chicony CNF-7129 Camera Driver, Windows Vista (32-bit), 1.44 MB, Download. Camera, Chicony Camera Driver, Windows XP, 535.45 KB, Download.

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ChiconyCNF7129CR Camera Driver1. Please refer to below FAQ to check your camera's PID code and install the driver correctly:This driver is for below PID code:HardwareID=USBVid04f2&Pidb028HardwareID2=USBVid04f2&Pidb036HardwareID3=USBVid04f2&Pidb029HardwareID4=USBVid04f2&Pidb071HardwareID5=USBVid04f2&Pidb034HardwareID6=USBVid04f2&Pidb106HardwareID7=USBVid04f2&Pidb141HardwareID8=USBVid04f2&Pidb140HardwareID9=USBVid04f2&Pidb13aHardwareID10=USBVid04f2&Pidb16BHardwareID11=USBVid04f2&Pidb16EHardwareID12=USBVid04f2&Pidb189.