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Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published. An anime film adaptation of Wild World, titled Dōbutsu no Mori, was released in Japan on December 16, 2006. Download as PDF Printable version. Download and play the Animal Crossing - Wild World ROM using your favorite NDS emulator on your computer or phone. DOWNLOAD Animal Crossing - Wild World ROM (Direct) PLAY Animal Crossing - Wild World ONLINE. In order to be able to play this game you need an emulator installed.

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Prices, locations, and RARE fishesAll rare, and all fishes that sell for 3,000 bells or more listed below.1. Giant SnakeheadPrice- 5,500 bellsLocation- PondAvailable- July- August2. CharPrice 3,800 bellsLocation- WaterfallAvailable- March-June and Spet-Nov3. AngelFishPrice- 3,000 bellsLocation- RiversAvailable- May-October4.

Piranha ( It doesn't exceed 3,000 bells but its really cool.)Price- 2,500 bellsLocation RiversAvailable- June-September5. ArowanaPrice- 10,000 bellsLocation- RiversAvailable- June-September6. DoradoPrice- 15,000 bellsLocation- RiversAvailable- June-Spetember7. GarPrice 6,000 bellsLocation- PondAvailable- June-Septemeber8. ArapaimaPrice- 10,000 bellsLocation- RiversAvailable- July-September9.

Barred KnifejawPrice 5,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- March-November10. Red SnapperPrice- 3,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- All year11. Angler Fish (doesn't exceed 3,000 bells, but is also cool)Price- 2,500 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- November-March12. TunaPrice- 7,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- November-March13. Blue MarlinPrice- 10,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- July-September14. Ocean SunfishPrice- 4,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- April-September15. Hammerhead SharkPrice- 8,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- June-September16.

SharkPrice- 15,000 bellsLocation- OceanAvailable- June-September17. CoelacanthPrice- 15,000 bellsLoctaion- Ocean (ONLY if it's raining or snowing)Available- All year, as long as it rains, or snows.NOTE. these fish are rare, so don't expect them to be caught alot, or easily. Different Hair Styles for GirlsYou can go into the salon and choose your own style and color by answering a few of Harriet's questions. To get your hair pulled up in a hair-tie, answer 'big nights' to her first question, 'duh' to her second question and 'RAWK!'

To type of song.For hair color, choosing hot will get you pink, red, or yellow, while cold will get you blue, green, or white. Then you'll be able to pick your exact color by choosing the following:- Young = blue- Lush = green- Radiant = white- Mysterious or Safe = brown- Lighthearted = yellow- Fiery = red- Flirty = pinkOf course there are many different styles, but I don't know exactly what they are. I hope you all like what you come up with. But remember, getting your hair done costs a whopping 3,000 bells! So think about it before you drop your cash for an ugly hair-do!. Customize Your Town TunesGo to the left station of Town Hall, click any employee and click town tunes. Now you can edit the tune that plays whenever you talk to someone or sometimes when you enter a building.

Drag the frog face up and down to get lower and higher notes. Annoy Your NeighborsThis is a perfect way to get rid of neighbors you don't want. Just make sure you've visited a friend's town before!

First, buy a net. Once you find the neighbor you want out, or just want to annoy, equip the net and hit them with it!

Keep hitting them over and over. They'll probably whine and ask why you did that. If you accidently talk to them, just say, 'I don't need you!' Or any other option that gets you out of the conversation.But don't write threat letters! Next time you talk to them, they'll be all proud that they got a letter, and they won't notice what it says!. Sick NeighborsIf you realize that one of your neighbors isn't walking around town like the others but is inside their house, then they are either packing, sick, or just inside.

If they are sick, then you will notice little swirly things over their heads and they are slumping. They will tell you weird things and will be a little delirious. After they are done, they will give you 3 choices to say something back. Pick the first one and bring them medicine for the next three days.

If you don't do this all of the days in a row,then they will stay like this longer but it will still be three from where you left off. On the fourth day, they will still be in their house.

Go and visit him or her and they will be welll again. Talk to him or her and he or she will thank you. Then he or she will give you a present. It most likely won't be something rare but can be something new. VisitorsK.K.Slider - 7:30pm-12:00am SaturdayRedd - 6:00am and stays for 24 hoursCornimer - 24 hours Acorn FestivalPascal - 6:00am-12:00am random daySaharah - 6:00am-12:00am random dayGracie - 6:00am-12:00am random dayLost Kitten - must visit another townWendell - 6:00am-12:00am random dayGulliver - 6:00am-12:00am random dayJoan - 6:00am-12:00pm SundayDr.Shrunk - 6:00am-12:00am random dayKatrina - 6:00am-12:00am random daySnowman - December-mid FebruaryLyle - 6:00am-6:00pm Saturday.

Easy MoneyYour house, Flea market dayWhenever you get a fossil or a rare fish that sells for a lot of bells don't sell it to Nook, but check how much he will buy them for. Next, either wait for or time travel to the next Flea Market day (Flea market is on the first Saturday of every month except January and August) and set the item up in your house. Finally, wait for someone to come. When they do you can sell the fossils, fish, bugs, etc.

For double how much Nook would buy them for. (ex: a Blue Marlin - Nook price, 10,000 bells - Flea market price, 20,000 bells).

Lyle ScamWhen Lyle comes to your town he will follow you around everywhere. If you talk to him he will ask a questionniare then try to get you to buy his insurance. His insurance says whenever you get stung by a bee he will send you 100 bells in the mail. By it for 3000 bells.

When you buy it he will ask you when you want Redd to come to your town. Tell him whatever day you prefer and he will set up a tent. He will send you some passwords to get into his tent. When you go into his tent he will have very rare items believe me it is worth it.P.S. Lyle will come back to your town and offer insurance again. Do not talk to him because he will charge you 6000 bells and he will keep doubling the price every time you talk to him. Visit the Moon!Gulliver (in the UFO) can be shot down out of the sky.

After you give him his 5 parts, he gives you a gift. But he has a certain limit on his gifts (14). On the 15th time fixing up his UFO, he'll tell you that he's out of gifts (uh-oh).

He says the next time he comes here, he'll have an idea of something to give/do to you. So, wait until the next time he comes over. Shoot him down (for the 16th time) and collect his parts.

He'll say he knows how to reward you, and you will find out tomorrow. When you go outside your house, Gulliver will greet you and ask you to follow him. He'll bring you to his ship and you and him will get in it. He'll take off and after a minute of seeing stars, you'll land on the moon. You won't find much, you can see craters and the earth, but not much else.

The only interesting thing is this weird plant. It has 1 piece of fruit, shake it off. You will find that the whole 'tree' falls down. You can pick up the fruit and the 'tree'. The 'tree' can be used as furniture and the fruit picked, so you can harvest more 'trees'.Warning: Don't sell the fruit. It's only 1,000 bells and you'd have to revisit the moon (on your 32nd, 48th, 64th, etc. Time of helping Gulliver you'll get the same offer.

It's basically a repeat, of the pattern you've already followed, so ya) to get a new one. The 'trees' are cool in the house, and fit well with the space theme. They have an eerie green glow, and they have purple 'bark'. Very alien like. Logitech v uk11 drivers for mac.

Make 10,000 bells!When you turn on Animal Crossing don't click on you're character yet. Click on the phone and it'll ask you what you want to do say, Reset Clock. Then set the date too 1/1/2000 (Or any year you want) then say confirm than you can click on your character. Check your mail, there should me mail from your mom she would attach a present to the letter inside the present is 10,000!!! Use at your own risk you might lose some neighbors.P.S.

Every time you use this cheat make sure you fast forward a year later. For example, if I use the cheats I'll set the date to 1/1/2000 and I go check my mail then my mom will give me 10,000 bells than if I choose to do this cheat again I'll save than set the clock to 1/1/2001. A year at a time!. Fast Bank InterestTo get more money on Animal Crossing you have to put money in the bank. Then SAVE and turn off the DS. Turn the DS back on and go to the DS symbol at the bottom of the screen where you select game. Select it and go right one to the symbol of a calender and a clock.

Select it and then go up to the calender symbol and select it. You will probably see that your year setting is set to whatever year it is. (for example 2006.) Go accross to the year column and change it to 2099.

Then select confirm, go back, and then QUIT. Then it will say 'The system will now shut down' and you must select yes.

Turn the DS back on and select Animal Crossing Wild World. Continue your game and you will have gained interest!!!WARNING: ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS CHEAT YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF WEEDS IN YOUR VILLAGE AND BUGS IN YOUR HOUSE. (STEP ON THE BUGS AND PICK UP THE WEEDS WITH B ). Heal Yourself for Free!Ohnoes.Just got stung by a bee? It happens to all of us. So you're just about to waste hundreds of Bells on some meds.Stop!

You don't have to do that!Just save. Then turn the DS off, then back on. Select Animal Crossing from the DS menu and log into your town.Instantly healed!One thing, though. If you're going around shaking every single tree in your town, and you're only halfway there, might as well save later.I can almost assure you that you're gonna get stung again. It just saves time.

And you don't lose your place.Hope this helped!. Golden ToolsGolden Fishing Rod - Catch every type of fish one time.Golden Bug Net - Catch every type of bug one time.Golden Slingshot - Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.Golden Shovel - Bury a regular shovel in the ground. Dig it up one full day later. It will be golden.Golden Watering Can - Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will then give you the golden can.Golden Axe - Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe. Picture Perfect!These are ways to get quick pictures from your town folks.K.K. Sliders picture: Buy a red turnip from Joan.

Give it to Wendel. If he gives you a country guitar give it to K.K. For his picture.Pascals Picture: Talk to Pascal, he'll either give you a piece of pirate theme item or his picture.Pellys picture: Save 100,000,000 bells in your account.Phyliss picture: Save 500,000,000 bells in your account.Tom Nooks picture: Give Wendell a red turnip. If he gives you a Turban, give it to Saharah for either a red vase or a massage chair. Give the Vase to Redd for a Safe.

Give the safe to Nook for his picture.Townsfolk picture: Become friends with it and when he has a exclamation point over there head talk to them they may give you there picture.Lost Kitten picture: If you reunite the mom and the kitten, they will mail you a letter with a present. It may be her picture or a rare item. Slider SongsAt The Roost Cafe (basement of your museum) K.K. Slider will play music on Saturday nights from 8:00 p.m. And 12:00 midnight. Talk to him and he'll play a song for you.

You can also request a song. These are all of his songs:Agent K.K.Aloha K.K.Cafe K.K.Comrade K.K.DJ K.K.Forest LifeGo K.K. RiderI Love YouImperial K.K.K.K. Love SongK.K. WesternKing K.K.Lucky K.K.Marine Song 2001Mountain SongMr. K.K.My PlaceNeapolitanOnly MePonderingRockin' K.K.Senor K.K.Soulful K.K.Steep HillSurfin' K.K.The K. FunkTo the EdgeTwo Days Ago.

TrophiesYou can win trophies by participating in community activities. The Fishing Tourney takes place on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April.The Fish Trophy - Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing TourneyThe Bug Trophy - Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-OffThe Flower Trophy - Create the best garden during The Flower Fest.

Get the ScallopYou need the scallop to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach once a week at a random time. First, buy a red turnip from Joan. Then, give it to Wendel when he comes to town. Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, give it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara will give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase.

If you get the Massage Chair, give it to Tortimer for the next holiday and he will give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal and give him the scallop. If you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.' If you got the Red Vase, trade it to Crazy Redd for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.